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it's 5$ friday again

Fri Mar 2, 2012, 5:43 AM
hell yeah it's 5$ friday.

if you send me 5$, i will draw for you.  the art you will receive will look similar to this in style/quality:

squiggle town by not-fun rocky redux by not-fun blueblee blue, where are you by not-fun

if you want something more detailed/fancier/bigger than this, my regular and comic commissions are open. shoot me a note with your idea and we can talk.

how to get 5$ art
there are some simple rules you have to follow to get art for 5$!

1- make sure your character design is not TOO complex. wings and stripes are all fine. hyper-detailed clothing and 1283123 piercings are probably not. when in doubt, solid colour clothing in the form of pants, shorts, cargo pants, jackets etc is for the best. torn cuffs and stuff are fine, but no like mandolorian combat armor. look at the pictures above. if your character is more complicated than those, you may find yourself being asked to pay a little more.

2- send me a note with your character's references. references can be either pictures someone else (or you) did of your character, or text describing what they look like. you can request a pose, but don't be disappointed if i draw them posed differently. after all, this is 5$ art. if you DESPERATELY want to see them in a certain pose, throw a few extra dollars my way with your payment and i'll make it happen for sure.

3- send me payment. i will not draw 5$ art until i get paid! i prefer paypal (mine is CIAL at DEATHSTICKS dot ORG) but if you need to send payment via the postal service, that is okay. we can discuss the details via note. it just means you'll be waiting longer for your arts is all.

4-settle in and wait for your art to be uploaded next week. 5$ art usually gets completed on monday, tuesday at the latest. it's a pretty fast turn around due to the fact that characters must be simple.

if you're interested, you know what to do! SEND ME A NOTE!

Available Slots for 5$ Arts
1] :iconphilthejanitak:
2] :icon7luckz:
3] :iconwyreth:
4] :iconrainbowcemetery:
5] :iconchaz-gelf:
6] :iconjake-fassnacht:
7] :iconamaltheatwin:

5$ art FAQ
Q-Will you draw me as one of your aliens/Can i request one of your characters?
A-  yes. yes i will and yes you can.

Q-Will you draw for my friend?
A- as long as someone pays me the 5$ i am fine drawing for friends!

Q-Will you draw (insert copyrighted character here)?
A- yeah, sure, as long as their design isn't brutally complicated.

Q-I don't have 5$! Will you wait for me to get 5$?
A- no, but i WILL open up 5$ art commissions again on the 16th of this month.

Q-Will you draw more than one character?
A- yes, but you need to pay 5$ per character. ie, a picture with two toony dudes is 10$.

Q-Will you draw a majorly complicated series of events for 5$?
A- no. but i will draw those for my normal prices. please do not ask for me to do things like transformation sequences for 5$ that's called 'disrespecting the artist and making them work for far less than minimum wage'

Q-Will you mail the original?
A- not typically, no. i usually do about two or three all on the same page. if you really want the original, you can throw me a few extra bux and i'll make sure it goes on a seperate page so i can mail it to you later.

Q-5$ is too expensive.

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7luckz Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Can I have one please? :3
not-fun Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
send me a note broseph
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March 2, 2012